Selling My Mortgage Broking or Financial Planning Book

Trail Book Buyers is able to assist Mortgage Brokers & Financial Planners seeking to sell all or part of their client book.  With qualified buyers nationwide we are able to assist with the sale of:


  • Mortgage Broker Trails
  • Investment and super clients; and
  • Risk clients

Importantly as we are not sales agents we do not charge you an commission or marketing fees for the sale of your practice.


For more information about why you should choose Trail Book Buyers to sell your client book click here or call James Turk on 0434 742 306.


Mortgage Brokers Trail Only Sale Option - Retaining Your Clients


At Trail Book Buyers we recognise that selling your trail income and clients is not always the best option for brokers remaining in the industry.  Having access to investor buyers we are able to provide the option of selling only the trail income whilst retaining management of your clients.


*Terms and Conditions Apply.

The Sale Process


The process for Mortgage Brokers and Financial Planners is very similar.  The steps involved are: 

  1. Prepare an offer for your Book.
  2. Issue Agreements for the purchase of your Book.
  3. Contracts Executed.  
  4. Due diligence is completed.
  5. Transfer request submitted to the aggregator/dealer group.
  6. Upon sign-off transfer by the aggregator/dealer group we will settle and transfer funds to your account.

What information do I need to provide?

For Mortgage Brokers in addition to a discussion to obtain some background information about you and your trail book we require the latest trail statement and one from 12 months ago for comparison.  


For Financial Planners more detailed information is required.  



For more information contact James Turk on 0434 742 306 to find out more.




Trail Book Buyers are buyers and sellers of trail books, and not your employee or sellers agent.  As such we are not licensed as a business agent.

We do not provide advice and act solely on our own behalf.   Parties to the transaction are encouraged to obtain their own legal and financial advice in relation to the sale and/or purchase. 


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